Lori S. Hoberman


LORI S. HOBERMAN is a well-known force in the in the New York City venture community. She advises entrepreneurs and investors on how to build successful businesses and strategically guides them through the emerging, later stages and exits of their companies. As a lawyer and mentor, Lori works with clients in a range of industries, including mobile, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and advertising.  She also counsels angel and institutional investors in their investments and in the formation of investment funds.  Lori is a co-founder of IMG Labs, a new innovation incubator.  She is also a co-founder of mobile advertising company, Mojiva Inc., and an occasional angel investor. Lori is a frequent speaker and media resource on entrepreneurialism. She is a Mentor to 37 Angels and she chairs the NYC Chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum, through which she recently organized a week-long summer program in entrepreneurship for NYC high school girls.  NYC startup news blog, AlleyWatch, recently named Ms. Hoberman as one of “20 Awesome People in the New York Tech Scene You Need to Know About.” After years of advising entrepreneurs, first as the head of Fish & Richardson’s Venture Capital practice and most recently, as Chair of Chadbourne & Parke’s Emerging Companies/Venture Capital Practice, she has decided to become an entrepreneur herself.  She founded her own firm, Hoberman Law Group, in the fall of 2014.

Email: lori@hobermanlawgroup.com
O:  646.844.4860
C:  516.375.2110

Lori Hoberman Starts Her Own Law Firm, Incubator

Lori Hoberman is a New York City lawyer, but doesn’t look or act like one. She dresses casually, wears her hair long and unfussed, and takes enormous pleasure in hosting events like “Chocolate Night,” where she invites everyone she knows in the city’s entrepreneurship world (from venture capitalists to newbie business owners) to gather around platters of truffles and steaming fondue pots. Her informality may be one reason why Alley Watch, a blog for startups, named her one of “20 Awesome People in the New York Tech Scene” you need to know about.

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Inspiring Girls to Be Tech Entrepreneurs

 2014-07-29-headerphoto1.jpgInside a conference room on the 36th floor of Rockefeller Center, a group of 17 high school girls are animatedly talking about their startup plans.

One team is plotting Tek Truk, a vehicle loaded with computers, chargers and other devices, that would cater to students or people in parks in need of an electronic fix. Another team wants to engineer high-heeled shoes called Taussure that would easily convert to flats for comfortable walking.

by Colleen DeBais 
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How To Ensure An Angel Or VC Is The Right Match For You

Photo Credit: Daniel P. Fleming
Photo: Daniel P. Fleming

Like marriage, the relationship between an entrepreneur and her investor can go wrong. The relationship is more than just money and it’s important to know if you’re compatible. “You may not be getting married forever, but you are shacking up for a long time,” said Lori Hoberman, Chair of the Emerging Companies / Venture Capital practice,Chadbourne & Parke.

by Geri Stengel FORBESWOMAN
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